Azienda Agricola RUIZ DE CARDENAS

Casteggio - Frazione Mairano Strada delle Mollie, 35



I do not have the age-old traditions that so many producers claim, as I started in 1979 with the purchase of the my first vineyard called Brumano at Casteggio.

From Milan, where I was born and live, I can easily reach the south Lombardy hills called Oltrepo Pavese (in the province of Pavia), which have been devoted to the wine production for a long time.

However, a suitable territory is only the first step for making quality wine. What really makes the difference are the decisions of the producer.

Right from the beginning I decided to concentrate on pinot noir grapes, which generate both red and sparkling white wines in many countries around the world, and have been extensively grown in this area for long time. Later on, I also started to grow chardonnay grapes, which are considered a kind of white pinot.

My first Pinot Noir red wine dates from the early ‘80s, when local grapes where devoted only to white wine intended for the sparkling process.

Since then, many other local producers have started to make red wine from pinot noir grapes and I am glad to have initiated such an interesting trend among my colleagues.