Azienda Agricola RUIZ DE CARDENAS

Casteggio - Frazione Mairano Strada delle Mollie, 35



  In spite of my Spanish name, I am absolutely Italian. My ancestors moved from Spain to Italy centuries ago, so I am perfectly integrated

Being a sort of amateur producer - my main business is air conditioning - the wine making is a not-for-profit activity, and has proven to be quite successful at achieving this goal. The objective of producing high-quality wines, on the other hand, is much more difficult, but there have been some achievements here too.

You shall not find a self-celebratory website, with many stereotypes that are easy to state, but difficult to prove. I try to give concise information on items that can be verified.

Years ago I stopped dispatching free samples for promotional purposes, so I do not win prizes and am not included in many wine guides available today. I am satisfied with the appreciation of a number of loyal customers.

As mine is a small individual Firm, I am non equipped for direct on line sales, but at the Contacts chapter you will find links with specialized Sites that offer my wines at convenient prices.