Azienda Agricola RUIZ DE CARDENAS

Casteggio - Frazione Mairano Strada delle Mollie, 35



The Oltrepo Pavese is the only part of Lombardy south of the river Po and is crossed by the 45th parallel (half way between the north pole and equator). This is believed to grant an excellent climate for wine production, though many other things are necessary to achieve the goal.
Casteggio is in the central part of the district at the foot of the hills and has its own exit on the Turin – Bologna highway.

My Estate is located on the sloping hill of Casteggio in the hamlet of Mairano, but the vineyards (vigne) are also scattered among nearby towns, as follows:

Vigna Brumano - Pinot noir for red wine
Vigna Miraggi - Pinot noir for red wine (winery location)

Torricella Verzate
Vigna Galanta - Chardonnay and pinot noir for Spumante Classico sparkling wine

Oliva Gessi
Vigna Le Moìne - Pinot noir for red wine



They are all small vineyards, about 5 hectares in total, situated at different altitudes, with different exposures and soil compositions, which oriented the choice of grape varieties and clones..