Azienda Agricola RUIZ DE CARDENAS

Casteggio - Frazione Mairano Strada delle Mollie, 35



I produce wines only with the grapes of my small vineyards and right from the beginning I have grown only pinot noir and chardonnay grapes.

Other Estates of this area produce many different grapes and wines, which probably helps to improve their income, but I am convinced that specializing in one or few areas helps to achieve remarkable results from a quality point of view.

My production facility is equipped with every modern device, but this is not difficult nowadays: the real problem is using them in the best possible way and above all handling correctly grown grapes.



My choice has always been that of producing wines with the grapes of every single vineyard (vigna in Italian, cru in french), to enhance the complicity between specific terroirs and grape varieties.

This policy has advantages, but also the risk to highlight every vintage, which may be favorable, also adverse.

This is why my wines are produced only in favorable years and in any case their prices are related to the quality level of each specific vintage.